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Privacy Policy

We don't collect any "personal data"

If information isn't collected, it can't be stolen, demanded, leaked or abused. Protecting your personal data is the best way to safeguard your online privacy.


How we define "personal data"

Our definition of personal data is based on the privacy laws and regulations of the EU, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protections in the world. We consider any information about you or your behavior that can be traced back to you as personal data.


Information we don't collect

So let's be perfectly clear:

  • We don't record your IP address The only exception is for automated search requests (robots) that rapidly submit more queries to our servers than any normal human would. When our software detects potential abuse, we register and block the offending IP address in order to keep our service safe and free.

  • We don't serve any tracking or identifying cookies This is about "good" and "bad" cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to your hard drive by websites you visit. "Bad" cookies have unique elements that can track all kinds of personal information. We don't serve any of those. IoTEverythin uses just one "good" cookie called "preferences" in order to remember the search preferences you choose. It's completely anonymous and expires after not visiting IoTEverythinfor 90 days.

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