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Ora - Your Ambient Partner
  • Ora - Your Ambient Partner

    Excluding Taxes

    Lighten up your home as per your mood and likeness. Ora has hundreds of different patterns and colors. Ora lamps can be scheduled to change colors and patterns according to your ambiance. Customize as per your requirement and get the best out of your lamp. 


    ORA can also be used for general home lighting as well as a multi-effect lamp. Ora lamp can be synced with all online and offline music apps synced along with your

    music apps like youtube, Spotify, Savana, Google Play, etc. to color coordinate with the track.

    All of this is made available to you at a touch of a button on your IOTeverythin

    application. The best, cost-effective, and automated ambient lamp in the market right now.

    Ora Table Lamp

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